Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Odin enjoyed his first halloween, I think. He couldn't recognize anyone we knew with all of their face paint though! Poor sleepy pirate ended the night out by snuggling up to his papa the whole way back to the car.


6 months of little Odin in Instagram photos. Time has FLOWN.

Hurricane Sandy

Monday we spent inside all day. Playing with toys and eating sweet potato. Everyone enjoyed baking and cooking up some yummy foods. A hurricane passed through just south of our little island, making the island blustery and wet. Town flooded, but we were safe and warm in our little home!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

cutie baby feet

Odin's cousin!

Z's cousin Tara had her little baby Evelyn a couple months before Odin was born. That would make them third cousins, I think? She's darling and smiles in all of her photos! It's always cute to see babies play together and it's nice to know that these two will grow up together. Meme was happy to see both her great grand babies at the same time. 

six month sweet potato meal

For Odin's six month birthday he tried sweet potato for the first time. I think he liked it!

gifts from Tori

Odin's the luckiest babe. We've already gone through how talented all of my friends are and he's so lucky that they're in his life! These adorable little plushies are from Odin's Aunt Tori and he definitely loved them. Our favorite toys for him are all hand-made ones so we're definitely grateful! Thank you, Tori!!

little 6 month old

Odin, I can't believe you're already six months old- six months old today. You had your first DR's appointment yesterday (just for the medical record- you won't be seeing one again for a little while) and we found out that you are now 29 inches long and 21.4 pounds. That's crazy! You've doubled in size these past six months (my back can tell). I can't believe you've grown so much so quickly but I know you're going to continue to do so. I'm excited but also miss the newborn you already. I love you dearly, my little six month old!

classic bebe

I just had to take a classic baby photo. Those little teeth are the cutest!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

happy morning babe

First thing in the morning (usually, much too early) is when my little is the happiest. He wakes up giggling, looking back and forth between his mama and his papa and smiling when he catches our eyes. It makes the mornings a little easier, especially when Z and I would rather sleep in. Co-sleeping allows such a beautiful interaction in those early hours, I couldn't imagine not having Odin there first thing! 

Although little man is becoming quite the sitting up pro, he still quite easily loses his balance. I surround him with pillows when he sits on the floor and falling back seems to entertain him enough to distract him from frustration. Having a big bright glass door near his play area helps to entertain him as well. He loves being outside but loves looking outside almost as much.

sleepy squats

I love the way Odin sleeps. The way he bows his legs and rests his hands, especially the sleep suckle. I can't help but kiss his little sleeping hands and face and tickle his precious little toes! It's a problem, but I'm so entirely in love with him and I love it. 

little chef

It's lovely living with our friend Carl. He's a chef and loves to experiment, so we're always trying new things. We just made ravioli from scratch! Odin and I chopped the garlic and onions and we also crimped the ravioli edges. I think we did a fantastic job and Odin was super helpful- cheering us on before his bed time and making baby babble to Carl.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love this little boy

It's funny how you don't know the feeling until you have your own little. This little fills every ounce of me with so much emotion. I want to hold and kiss and cuddle him forever. I feel my love for him so intensely that sometimes I feel so completely overwhelmed. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

bed time

Little love, intently listening to his Papa's guitar play before bed. He really does adore his Papa and I love watching them interact. I especially love when Z wears little Odin. Who can say no to a man wearing a baby? 

fall time beach bebe

We had the most peaceful time at the beach just now. Odin sat snuggled up in his Papa's coat staring out into the ocean watching the waves (and the seals). Nantucket is really the most beautiful place. I'll have to do some posts soon focusing on the beauty of our little island.

Yaya's surprise birthday party

Odin was in good spirits up until Z's mum arrived! He had already been playing for an hour and it was quickly nearing his bedtime. I should have snapped some photos of his upset self so that everyone can see the reality of being a mum. But, I didn't snap any of those. So here are some super happy family shots! He loves his aunties.

nurse nurse nurse

Odin's favorite (only?) hobby, nursing! Like I've said, he's at this funny stage where he wants to wiggle all over the place. He desperately wants to nurse but desperately wants to keep up with what's going on at the same time. It's silly to watch him bounce back and forth between the two. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

boy tights

Odin just got his Slugs and Snails boy tights in the mail and needless to say, he was thrilled!

high chair

Little man is almost 6 months now, and we've been searching for a high chair for awhile. Our friend Jessica brought us this beauty! So now we're ready for solids- although Odin seems more interested in staring out the window than testing out his banana. I borrowed a few books from the La Leche League library and plan to make some purees next week! Oh so exciting!!