Monday, March 25, 2013

new garden

Our garden at our new house is gigantic. It's so big that it's magical. Zak has just started working on the fence and Odin and I spent the day rolling around in the grass at the field while Z worked. He's just ordered a ton of fruit trees and we're very eager to get them into the ground. I think we'll be starting a lot of our vegetable this week in seed trays and I'm pretty giddy about it. As much as I love living communally, I'm very excited for Z, Odin, and I to have our own space. We have a swimming pool and a huge garden in our new digs and I'm so happy. I'll miss our quiet Sconset walks but I'm happy to be living closer to town. I think we'll be able to start moving in this weekend!

little trouble maker

Rachel and David came over to play Settlers of Catan (have you played it? I'm addicted!) and feast on some homemade enchiladas with an arugula goat cheese salad. I'm very new to cooking so I've been very excited to try new dishes like this! In the morning, Odin discovered the dog food and water bowls and didn't want to play with anything else. Look at his mischievous grin (and how upset little Remy looks in the background).


We're a few days into Spring and our little island surprised us with a snow covered morning. Waking up at the house we're 'sitting, the first thing we see is a plethora of snow covered branches. Z was able to stay home from work and we immediately set out on a walk. The house we've been watching has a back yard that leads into the state forest, so we ventured through a snowy brush covered path into the woods to play. As excited for Spring as I am, I'm happy to have had one more snow day this year.


We've spent about half of our time at home this past week. The other half we've spent playing with other babes, babysitting, and dogsitting. I'm trying to get a lot of our things organized and sorted so that when it is time to move to our new home, things will run a little smoother.

dancey pants

Odin really loves to dance. It makes him really happy when his papa dances with him. I think we'll have to have a dancey pants themed birthday party when he turns the big ONE.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

little Lorelei

We had a last minute playdate with gorgeous little Lorelei. She is so freakin' pretty! I'm so thankful we'll be watching Paloma this year, I'll be able to get my little girl fill. Odin's such a little boy it's nice to visit some mellow girls every now and then.

Rosie's birthday party

We watched Olivia today. The first thing she told me upon her arrival was that it was Rosie's birthday! Rosie (her little pig), was born yesterday and was quite obviously celebrating her first year today. We quickly planned a pretty supreme birthday party complete with cookies, birthday crowns, a terrarium, and a hand-sewn dress for Rosie. Olivia had never sewn with a needle and thread before and was eager to learn how. 

library visit

Meeting our friend Justine for our morning coffee and then venturing to the library for Odin's morning nap. He slept in sling for a short nap but spent most of his library time staring at the overhead lamps and reaching for various shelved books. I want to take him back this week and read some children's books with him! Nantucket Atheneum has a pretty awesome children's area and offers tons of craft days through the week. (We weren't actually reading Shakespeare, but it was one of the books we thumbed through, Odin was really uninterested.)

woodland lover

It's been rainy and we took the calm moments without rain to venture out to our backyard. With the amount of rain our little island has received all day, there's really no chance we could venture any further without having to turn right back around (moments after this was taken we had to run back inside).

our day's average progression

This is how our day typically progresses. Odin loves being in the nude. He gets it from his free-spirited parents, I think. It's a common problem in our house! What starts out as a diaper change turns into a nakie baby adventure. He scampers away from mama or papa as we try to re-diaper him, I don't fight with it. A lot of what Odin does, I try and go along with. I don't want to fill his world with an unnecessary "no" all the time.