Thursday, January 31, 2013

windy bluff walk


Today's a little warmer than it has been, so we decided to venture out on the bluff walk. The wind proved to be a little much, although our little prince was quite content bundled up in his wagon.

baby model


cutest. boy. ever.

poker night

Playing cards (blocks) with the big boys. I love living communally for this very reason. I love having many friends to give Odin love. 

trouble maker


Now that adorable little O is mobile, he's continuously getting into everything he shouldn't. 98% of the main room is his and he'll find the one or two objects that he isn't supposed to play with. Electrical outlet covers are nothing against this kid. I'm in trouble!

a very bad morning


Someone had quite the awful morning until Auntie Grace came along to read to him. He was a ball of sunshine for the hour or so that she was visiting.

tasty toys


Odin spends his days toy taste testing.

new hat

Probably one of Odin's cutest (and warmest) gifts!



Keeping warm by sharing body heat! Snug little babe needed this nap today. 

solo stander


Little man carefully and delicately pulls himself up on everything lately. He yearns to step. He stands himself up, contemplates that first foot movement, quickly falters and reaches out for a nearby mum or dad. 

Friday, January 25, 2013


My babies are happy to be home!

snow bebe


Odin's snow suit is much too small. Or rather, Odin is much too big. This was all he could do until we changed him into something a little roomier.


This little almost-9-month-old is especially clingy as of late. He will only sleep if he's right against me, which is fine for the most part. The moment I move an inch away though, he begins to whimper. He's lucky he's so darling and I don't ever really mind having my arm trapped beneath his little body.

homeward bound


A hungry and exhausted family makes the ferry trip to finally make it home.

snow baby



We're finally in Hyannis. One step away from our little island. We're lucky to have a friend who lives there who was able to let us stay at their house. I'm especially grateful because our car completely broke down a few miles away from there. It's sort of funny to end our road trip with losing our car, but it wasn't a huge surprise to us. We saw it coming. We were so happy to be home, it didn't make a difference to us. Odin also thoroughly enjoyed snow for the first time.

almost home

We're on the last stretch of our road trip before we make it home. The Jersey Turnpike (which I've always hated) seems so intimidating. I've driven it once or twice, but not recently. Zak's done all of the driving so that I can sit in the backseat with Odin to keep him happy. We pass New York and see the twin towers memorial building. I've always loved the city and am sort of sad it's been so long since we've gone. While driving, I casually make plans with Zak to go to Manhattan soon. 

best friends


Odin and Caligula are developing quite the best friendship.


Staying at Uncle Sonnie's on the way back north, Odin was much too excited to fall asleep early. We had rented the Lorax to watch that evening. We don't normally watch TV (other than movies on the laptop). Odin will normally be fascinated by a movie for a short while and then quickly get distracted. But for some reason, he watched the Lorax from beginning to end. Probably because the entire movie was about changing a tree-less future. 


No matter what the temperature, nothing makes Odin happier than the earth. He carefully digs his fingers into the dirt and delicately flips leaves between his fingers. He meticulously grabs onto a specific stick or twig and puts it close to his face in order to breathe it in. His toes grab into the soil and he stares up into the sky, studying the clouds and tree tops. This is one of my favorite things about little Odin.

Papa snuggles


I love seeing O's papa wear him. I love the way he nuzzles into Zak's chest, nothing makes me happier. 


We made a visit to a park in West Asheville. We'd gone there once before when Odin was still on the inside. He loves being outside so of course he adored our short walk there. I loved it too- seeing Z wear little Odin. 


Babywearing and flea market hunting.


For some reason, little O has become quite clingy in the past week. Although this involves nursing a ton, he is demanding solids more than usual. I've grown a little more relaxed and have started to let him try a little bit of everything I eat. 

babywearing love


I love wearing Odin. I am dying to invest in a wrap, but Odin's already so big I think it'll end up waiting until the next one. My sling is an essential baby supply and I always have it with me. Odin loves it too.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


white box


stair friends

After pulling himself up, he decided to battle the kitten through the stair railing.  Something Caligula was all too happy about after ingesting (for the first time) massive amounts of catnip.  It was unclear whom the winner of this epic turf battle was, but considering Odin was unable to sit back down afterwards the title may have to be awarded to our tiny furry friend.

lemon tart


While in Asheville we stopped off at a local brewery to sample some tasty brews.  Zak got a beer called fire escape which was brewed with Jalepenos, an idea I'm sure he would have liked to come up with himself.  Odin also decided to sample some new flavors by stealing a lemon from one of the waters, a decision he might have ended up regretting.



After a day in downtown Charleston and visits with Zak's friend Cameron, we visit Connie. Odin fell in love right away.

leaving Florida

As much as I love spending time with my family, it was time to leave Florida and head back north towards our home. I'll miss the moments of Odin snuggling with my mama and sisters. I'll miss the giggles and stares Odin would give his cousin Kira. Hopefully, I'll be enjoying those moments again soon.