Thursday, February 28, 2013

red light green light

We made a trip to Bartlett farms for snacks (I got the creme brulee!) and then headed to the brewery to enjoy them. Odin made silly faces the entire time and the girls and I played red light green light among other games.

lilly ponds

After an extremely fun morning of dressing up and running around we took a short walk to the lilly ponds for a picnic lunch. We found an excellent spot that we all agreed was the best spot and we spent awhile enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. We brought lots of yummy goods, including Odin's favorite: blueberries. Odin's so happy when we're outside and I love the lilly ponds. I met Zak for the very first time in the Lily ponds so the area is very special to me. I spent loads of time there during my first summer on Nantucket. It's a walk from town and it's an amazing place to meet up with friends. There are a few great climbing trees and I remember sitting up in them during my very first visit to the lilly ponds with an old friend. Many good memories, and I'm sure there will be many many more.

dress up portraits

After a few hours of dress up, we took some portraits. Nell, the pup, also wanted a portrait taken!


(Auntie Marin is behind the lens.) Don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty sure I'm the best babysitter. Ever.

princess Odin

Olivia came over and she and Odin's Aunties decided to play dress up. From rock star to pretty princess, Odin's a good sport and plays all parts well!

rock star

Odin's Aunties dressed him up like a rockstar. I think he looks pretty stylish and he definitely enjoyed screaming like a young James Brown.


We have a love hate relationship with solids. Some days Odin will eat solids all day long and some days we'll nurse and forget all about solids. Odin loves fruit like most babies. We recently developed a blueberry addiction until I learned that blueberries come out almost exactly how they went in. Now I try to provide a little more variety! I've been very relaxed about starting solids and am enjoying it that way. I've decided not to stress about solids until he's a year old and then we'll start offering him regular meals! Right now, I really prefer nursing. 

the girls

Staying the week with the girls, Odin has developed a love for baby dolls and all baby doll supplies. He's a tad too big for all of them but seems extremely content in baby carseat or stroller. I might have to invest in a baby doll for him.


I say peek-a-boo, you say "rawr!" ...Followed by quite a few giggles.

Monday, February 25, 2013

bebe papa

This was Odin's face as we handed him a framed photo of his papa as a child.

tom nevers picnic

Today we went to Tom Nevers. There's a playground with a swing-set and we all know how much Odin loves the swing (see above). Tom Nevers is also home to an old bunker designed for President John F. Kennedy from its days as a naval facility. Marin, Grace, and Zak's grandfather was a Navy Seabee and helped seal the bunker at the end of its time. 

auntie photobooth party time

my little doll

He's so perfect.