Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a fussy teether's day

If you look ever so closely at our recent photos, Odin's top teeth have finally broken through the gum. The ones beside the two top teeth are about to do the same. For the past few weeks, we've had quite the fussy little babe. Sometimes it's so difficult to stay patient, but I try to continually remind myself that this little boy is going through a lot. So many teeth all at once is a lot for someone who has never felt this sort of pain before. Teething for us has meant many cuddles and much nursing, even throughout the night. Thankfully, I have a wonderful man who is constantly trying to help and loves this little boy just as much as I do.

i die of cute overload.

That smile. Those eyes. That nose. Sometimes I really do feel as if I'm about to explode, it's so much cute to handle.

chilly beach walk

Playing in the sand (Did you see? Someone wrote "I love Zak and Odin!" No clue who that was.. haha). The recent storm really changed the beach's shape this time around. 

A literary classic from Lizzy!

Have I told you before how much Odin thoroughly enjoys books? Our friend Lizzy brought him a cute version of Moby Dick, which has quickly become his favorite book. I try to read to Odin every day so that he can develop a further love for books and reading. When I read him actual stories from books with paper pages, he'll grow calm, sit in my lap, and touch the images on the pages very gently. He sits and listens and actually enjoys it. 


Odin and Justine dance around the house while everyone prepares food for friendsgiving. I was very excited about our second thanksgiving. I was very sick for the first and wasn't able to enjoy any of the delicious food Z's mom made. I enjoyed every bit of the food we made (especially the desserts) the second time around. Z made home-made egg nog, which was probably my favorite. I made a pie crust from scratch for the first time (with Tori's help) and we made some delicious apple pie with it. Thirty people were stuffed into our small living room to enjoy a huge meal together and everyone had something they were thankful for. It was definitely a terrific evening.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I'll be writing a post for a co-sleeping collective blog soon, but this is one of the many reasons we love co-sleeping.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the best way to have my morning coffee

Babywearing, outdoor walks, and coffee. The best way to spend my mornings! I really love my sling. I'm desperate to try a wrap and get my hands on a Sakura Bloom sling, but I suppose those will have to wait until funds allow. Odin loves being worn, no matter how.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Little man

Little Odin,
Every day you become a little more you. You discover something new and find a new favorite toy. Discover a new sound or a new favorite song. It's amazing watching your little self grow and I can't believe how fast it's already going by. You're desperate to move and I know you will start any time now, the way you rock in an attempt to propel yourself forward is truly adorable. Your face looks a little older every day and your eyes grow more detail. The way you move changes ever so slightly and you become so much more articulate.
I love you dearly, my ever growing little man.


I skyped with my family earlier in the day but went to Z's family's for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, I spent the day feeling terribly ill, couldn't stomach a single bite of food, and stayed up all night with an awful stomach bug. So, this was the only photo I managed to capture- but, it is a cute one! Auntie Marin kissing Odin while he nibbles on her chin (wearing a super stylish hat)!

winter garden cover

Sitting with his papa while he lays down a winter cover over our garden. The soil wasn't so nice when we moved in 7 months ago, so he's covered the garden with tons of leaves and compost to boost the soil quality. If we're here next year, our vegetables will be even yummier than this year's!


Are you tired of sleeping Odin photos yet? I'm sure when Odin looks at photos of himself as a baby he'll think I'm the strangest mama for always taking photos in his sleep.


It's so strange to see Odin pick out his favorite toys and reach for them. Sometimes his reach misses and he has to try again but every day his grasp grows a little sharper. It catches me off-guard. He's growing much faster than I anticipated and I'm having mixed reactions towards it. I love watching him learn more every day but it's so hard saying goodbye to the newborn that's still fresh in my mind.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

last flowers

The air is getting colder every day. I was surprised to find some dandelions floating around our yard, so we picked them and made them into a crown. I really can't wait for spring already! I'm excited to take Odin into fields of daisies to play, he may even be walking by then which will make everything so much more exciting (and challenging)!

tummy time

Ever since Odin learned to sit up, he has had no interest in tummy time. Recently though, I've been able to lay him in bed and he'll roll over onto his tummy all on his own. It's only a matter of time before he starts to move and I'm really basking in these last moments of stationary baby life. I'm excited to see him grow, but I will most definitely miss this stage.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Is this something that all papas do? Or just mine? Either way, Odin rather enjoyed flying around the room like an airplane.


These teeth! So cute. His top two are destined to pop through those gums any day now. He's having a rougher time with the top ones than he did with his bottom teeth, but it hasn't been too bad. He just wants to snuggle and nurse, which we already do all the time!


Sundays are most definitely my favorite. Z doesn't work on Sundays and we have the whole day to spend together. Z and I tend to get a lot of projects done and we spend a large majority of the day adventuring and snuggling. Sunday usually begins with a trip to the dump, which may sound horrendous, but on Nantucket it's one of the most exciting things to do (It is a small island, but really- the dump IS fun). The Nantucket dump has a little building called the "Take It or Leave It." It is exactly as it's name states. You bring usable things and leave them and take things you'd like. There's a variety of things- furniture, bedding, clothes, shoes, tons of books, toys, knick-knacks, records, movies, and anything else you could imagine. We've had awesome dump days where we've found beautiful fabrics, a variety of wooden toys, some new mugs, etc. Yesterday was one of those awesome score days! We found a beautiful hand stitched quilt and I found myself some (amazing) floral boots. The day before, our house-mate found Odin an adorable pair of overalls. It really is an amazing place (thrift store- but, for free?!).

Afterwards we went for a long walk in Sanford Farms. Odin promptly fell asleep as we entered after nursing in the car on the way there. He's such a doll and I'm totally in love.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mama and bebe.

So, even though Odin's started solids, he won't eat them that often. He's still my little nursling and I love it that way. He'll eat a new solid food every now and then, but sees it as play time. He wants to nurse before and afterwards- so I know it's still his preferred method of nutrition. 


Early morning papa and baby.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

chilly November walk

I love these two boys so much.

Papa Odin time

Watching the computer screen with his pops while mama works on art.

slumber fresh smiles

My favorite of all of Odin's smiles are the ones he gives me when he first wakes up. His eyes are still sleepy and he is so fresh from slumber he won't really move, all but his mouth. I'll walk in on him silently studying the window and its contents and when he hears me come into the room he'll just look at me and smile. I love love love it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

little explorer

Odin is scooting all over the place now. He's so curious and eager to move. I'm about to be in big trouble, I think!

brewery visit

Babywearing/Nursing in Public! YES!

slumbering babe

It's hard not to kiss him all over while he sleeps.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

my darling

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts. I'm in the middle of an art craze! There are so many things I want to make and we have a gallery show coming up. I'll be on the radio next week!! I'm currently giving away a plush doll (like all the ones Odin has) on my art blog. Everyone should try and enter!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

little lovvie

More warm November days. Odin sits in the garden while Z works on a winter cover over the soil. I love how much Odin loves playing outside. It makes him so happy!

Monday, November 12, 2012

november beach day

I'm so thankful for the past few very warm November days. We've been able to play outside all day every day for my entire birthday weekend, which has been awesome. Zak's also been home all weekend because of the holiday and has been able to hang out with is. I'm so happy!