Monday, November 19, 2012


Sundays are most definitely my favorite. Z doesn't work on Sundays and we have the whole day to spend together. Z and I tend to get a lot of projects done and we spend a large majority of the day adventuring and snuggling. Sunday usually begins with a trip to the dump, which may sound horrendous, but on Nantucket it's one of the most exciting things to do (It is a small island, but really- the dump IS fun). The Nantucket dump has a little building called the "Take It or Leave It." It is exactly as it's name states. You bring usable things and leave them and take things you'd like. There's a variety of things- furniture, bedding, clothes, shoes, tons of books, toys, knick-knacks, records, movies, and anything else you could imagine. We've had awesome dump days where we've found beautiful fabrics, a variety of wooden toys, some new mugs, etc. Yesterday was one of those awesome score days! We found a beautiful hand stitched quilt and I found myself some (amazing) floral boots. The day before, our house-mate found Odin an adorable pair of overalls. It really is an amazing place (thrift store- but, for free?!).

Afterwards we went for a long walk in Sanford Farms. Odin promptly fell asleep as we entered after nursing in the car on the way there. He's such a doll and I'm totally in love.

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