Monday, February 24, 2014

inspired by snow

These past few weeks have been quite busy on the art front. Loads of doll making and portrait drawing and coffee drinking. Zak's heading back to work soon so I won't have as much time to work on art as I have in February, which means I really have to power through my work as much as possible for this next week. After that, I'll be bribing friends with eggs from our chickens in order for them to come play with O for an hour or so. So here's to late Spring nights! 

In the middle of a portrait commission and my little doll family commission for a dear friend, Our snow covered island inspired me to make a doll the reflected the purity of the snow. Winter brings more whimsy than I usually think and when all I can see out my window is white, my fingers start to tingle and my mind goes wild with ideas. There's so much beauty in winter and it's very easy to forget that magic, when the warmth of summer is on the mind. When I dreamt of this doll, I had to take a break from working to create her. 

She will be available on my new website when it launches in a week or two along with some other dolls. Keep an eye out for more information! 

With love,


  1. She is so so beautiful Michelle!!! I will stalk your website waiting for her when it goes live ; ) xoxox

  2. such beautiful work Michelle! you are a gift from god to make our world prettier.