Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's already May. 2013 is already breezing past. There's still so much to do and I feel as if I really need to get motivated. After Odin's eventful birthday week, we've had a relaxing first week of May so far. Lots of lazing around, playing with new toys, meeting with friends at playgrounds, exploring our garden, and planting some new seeds. Flowers and basil! Odin received an awesome recycled plastic planter set which Zak was pretty giddy about. Odin mussed the dirt while mama planted the seeds and together we put it outside our front door. I'm so glad Spring decided to flood in the way it did. I swear, a week ago I was still using the heater and now it's been leave-the-door-open kind of weather! I love Spring and I'm filled with happy memories of newborn chub and cuddles whenever I nurse Odin or wear him in the sling. It's heavenly.


  1. so sweet <3 i love is little vine crown!

    1. <3 I had a matching crown, but it's hard to photograph myself. haha!