Monday, February 24, 2014

Life lately.

Life can be so very hard. Maintaining a positive outlook is hard. It's been awhile since I've really spent time with this blog and I think it's having it's effect on me. I love using this outlet as a source of growth and positivity. I love to use this space as a record of the beautiful things life has to offer. Much like Hailey's 365 Gratitude project, this is my journal of sorts, where I can share the things I appreciate. I can share the things I'm making, the thoughts I have, and the moments spent with those I love most. I love that about blogging and hope that even if only one person reads an entry, it serves as a source of joy for that single person.

I've been very busy lately. Working on a new website, making lots of dolls, lots of portraits, and starting many new endeavors that have been bringing SO much excitement into my life. I've been spending lots of time with Odin, some time with Z, and even some time with only myself which has been absolutely heavenly. I'm hoping to give myself a little more me time in the coming months. I've found that I forget to give myself moments until I'm almost to my breaking point, and then it's not as useful. Time becomes a necessity rather than a pleasure and I'd rather not feel like I'm about to burst into a million frustrated pieces in order to get that time for myself. I need to work it into my weekly schedule, maybe time for a walk, or to sit and enjoy reading or playing ukulele. Time by myself that I don't spend working or thinking about work. I'm going to try and find someone to play with little O for a few hours every week so that I can get more done while Zak is at work. 

Odin has been using the toilet for a month now and he will be two in nearly two months. Time is passing by so quickly lately, it's catching me completely off-guard. We're house-sitting this week and so very excited to have a tub, we only have a stand up shower at our little apartment. Odin and I have been tubbing it up every day, singing as loudly as we can and splashing so much that most of the water ends up outside the tub by the time we're done (don't worry Lisa! We're cleaning it up right after!). I've been making art and playing ukulele as much as I can. I really want to learn to play well like some of my dear friends can. Zak bought me a ukulele for our anniversary and it's so dreamy. I've wanted one for years and after visiting Angelica, I was madly in love with it. It's so compact and beautiful. 

So, that's that. I'm hoping to have my new website within the next couple weeks and am very excited to move the blog there. It'll also have my own shop and I promise to work very hard at maintaining an inventory of dolls, toys, illustrations, and custom slots. 

Much love, my friends.


  1. I gain a lot from your blogs, just wanted to let you know that. They bring smiles to my face every time you submit a new one. I adore watching your son grow through the pictures and I absolutely love watching you as you grow in motherhood, in your arts and as I watch someone I have known since they themselves were only a five year old little girl blossom through her life journey. You do need to be sure to take some self time.....even if just an hour a week to regenerate, refocus and stay balanced in life. You have grown into a wonderful woman Michelle Housel!

  2. I totally relate to this post! I am trying to return to blogging after a super-long hiatus. I am trying to return to the love I had in photography, to capture moments in my own life now that I do not have as many clients. I want to come back to creating art, & take some time outside mama life & work to just be me. To take a moment to breathe. Sometimes, I forget the beauty of the little moments as the big problems begin to pull me under until I feel like I am drowning.

    Your blog keeps me smiling. You inspire me to keep reaching for my own goals as a mama, an artist, & a citizen of this great Earth. And I love seeing Odin grow & learn, & I imagine Rue experiencing all the Good Things in her time, & remember to appreciate those precious moments.

    Thank you.

  3. I love your posts Michelle.. I wish I lived closer and could be one to watch Odin whilst you could work! You're doing an amazing job being a full-time mum and artist. Thanks for sharing all that you do here.