Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Babywearing Portraits

As part of one of my Sling Diaries entries, I drew a little ink/watercolor portrait of Odin wrapped in our sling with my hair whimsically long, framing him. The outpouring of support and desire for a portrait was overwhelming so I started to draw some as commissions. I enjoyed doing them for a long while but took on too many, and the inability to work on other creative endeavors was pretty crushing. I've taken a recent hiatus to work on other things, doing portraits only in trade. Now that I have more time, I'm considering starting them up again. I've already posted something on Instagram and received quite a number of e-mails already! This time around, they won't be available so openly. Rather than offering them on Etsy, I will be offering them through email only. I would much rather make them for people I'm familiar with because of the connection that exists when doing so. I'm only planning on working on one or two every couple weeks, whatever seems most manageable and allows me to continue working on the things I feel VERY passionately about like dolls and my children's book. A few local shops would like to carry my items and I would love to build up an inventory to participate in the Farmer's Market next summer.

If you are interested, you can e-mail me at danceypantsdisco (at) I will contact the first person who has e-mailed me to offer a portrait and will go down the list that way. If you're curious as to which number you are, feel free to ask in your e-mail. The portraits are very stylized, so don't expect a realistic rendering! I take the carrier and any unique attributes (flower crowns, favorite hats, colored hair, etc.) and use those. The portraits are 6" x 6" on a heavy watercolor paper and are done with ink, watercolor, and gouache.

Thank you again for everyone's kind words and appreciation! It means so much to be able to make an income from making art, it's all I've ever wanted!


  1. I love these portraits! Have you ever drawn a soft carrier (aka Ergo) wearing mama?

  2. Oh your work is incredible! Such heart and soul in each piece. Magic!! xx

  3. I love them all <3 Feel so blessed to have been able to trade with you for mine, I love it sooo much, can't wait to see it in person too.
    I think you are wise limiting them.. it sucks to feel stuck having to make art that was previously just done for the love of it. You are such a multi-talented woman! I hope as you make more dolls and such (and portraits too) you'll keep sharing them on your blog :)