Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Doll for a Dear Friend

In addition to offering portraits again, I'm playing around with the idea of making custom dolls. I'm going to be making a custom family (with a babywearing mama!) for a very dear friend and if it goes well, I'd love to offer them. I want to make a plethora of dolls. A few local shops are consistently asking for me to bring some in for them to sell and since my art sales are steadily picking up, I've been toying with the idea of getting a Farmer's Market stand this coming summer. I could sell my dolls, paper dolls, paper toys, illustrations, etc. The possibilities in this life are endless and I'm so eager to finally feel the motivation to tackle some of those possibilities. I'd love to make plush doll pillows and mobiles as well (which could also be customizable). I'm very excited to spend the next few months building up an inventory and creating a routine that allows me to spend ample amounts of quality time with my boy in addition to being the artist I've always envisioned myself being.

I'm so giddy to have been able to make this little lady in addition to a portrait in trade with Amanda from Little Labyrinth. As you can see, Odin was not very fond of packing her up and sending her off. I guess I'll have to make him a new doll for this year's winter solstice celebration! (Don't tell him!)

I am very thankful for all of the people I have met through my creations and am so grateful for the encouragement you all provide for me. Thank you! 

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  1. Your dolls are so beautiful! I'd love to purchase one for my little girl....She'll turn one later this month and is currently in love with two of her 'loveys' - a rabbit and cat. I feel like she'd treasure one of your beautiful dolls like nothing else!
    Since I follow you on Instagram, please let all your followers know when you'll start taking orders for dolls. Maybe set up an online shop on Etsy? :-)