Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mae's Maternity Shots

Mae's due date was an entire month later than it should have been, so we were very lucky we ventured out on such a grey day to snap some quick shots. Very soon after, she was in labor and called me (on my birthday!) to come and photograph the birth. I'm really excited to post those but until the birth story is finished, I'll post the photos we took while little Tsela was still in her mumma's womb.

I've just started a photography business page over on Facebook, so I'd love it if you could hop on over and hit "like." It would be very much appreciated! I'm very excited to begin my venture into the professional world of photography and hope to start capturing more mommas and babies and their beautiful moments.


  1. these are so beautiful im deciding maybe getting pregnant again isnt such a bad thing <3 <3 and im pretty sure thats the skirt im obsessed with!!!!

  2. Oh they are sooo beautiful! Love them all.