Sunday, April 21, 2013


Odin's birthday table from his Yaya. It's so perfect and lovely and nestles right into his corner like it's always been there. Living in a studio apartment- part of me feels really guilty that Odin doesn't have his own play room, so I've been trying really hard to solidify a portion of the main room as the coolest play area ever. I'll be painting a mural soon and we'll be painting the bottom half of the wall with chalkboard paint. I'm excited and my inner child is a little jealous.

I love the design of people's homes and I'd love to post some little details from our home soon. Zak and I are definitely pretty eclectic/eccentric and I think it shows in our decorating!


  1. That frog toybox(?!). Adorable.

  2. Hello! I found your blog via Documenting Delight's FB post. Love it! This post is amazing, I love the design & the plans for chalkboard walls! My hubby & I are expecting our first & also have no space for a seperate playroom in the future, so we are trying to brainstorm the best way to offer a dedicated play area that is safe & fun & whimsical that is also able to be incorporated with the rest of our home. We, too, are eclectic/eccentric in our decor, so this post gets me really geared up for our future projects, now that I am seeing how cute & functional it can be! Thanks!

    1. That's amazing! I'll definitely be posting more photos as the designing continues so feel free to offer any advice, feedback, or other ideas that you can think of! We'll both be working towards that same goal so I'll be checking your blog too. I just headed over there and followed. Beautiful photos and the post I did read was lovely! I can't wait to read more!