Sunday, November 11, 2012

a mama's birthday

This mama had the most terrific 25th birthday. I woke up to a fabulous breakfast in bed followed by the opening of the most intricately wrapped (foil and electrical tape) gift from my love. Odin helped, of course. I swore it was a pair of shoes judging by the shape of the box but it was my very own DSLR! I was so thrilled. I'm still thrilled. The most amazing gift ever! I had been borrowing our house mate's camera for blog photos and now I have my own (squeal!). After that exciting morning and after a little baby nap, we headed to Millbrook, my favorite place, for a long walk. We stopped in a field to nurse and play. 

After a (very) short trip to the brewery we came back home for friends and food. Odin helped make the pasta dough and watched as Rachel made a beautiful cake. It was a lovely evening and I am so thankful for all of the people in my life. Thank you everyone for a fabulous birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday and YAY for having a DSLR!! enjoy! It looks like you had the most wonderful day Thank you for sharing it with us. x

    1. I did! I'm so excited! I've been borrowing a friend's DSLR and I'm so excited to have my own. (Although I keep borrowing all of his fancy lenses!)