Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Mirror Boy

This child loves his reflection. I mean, I know all babies love looking at the little baby in the mirror, they have so much in common! But it seems that Odin really likes that baby in the mirror. If I pass any reflective surface, I get a giggling, wiggling, squealing baby- anyone else? I had him on my back earlier today while I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and I had quite the excited child hitting me on the back of the head because of his absolute delight. When we flew to Florida a month ago, Odin insisted we spend most of the flight in the bathroom so that he could stare at the babe in the mirror. 

Anyway, I set up a mirror at his level in the family room so that he could play with his reflection. I think he enjoyed it (I took about a million photos and narrowed it down to these), up until I brought the camera closer anyway. Once that was in his grabbing range- It was all he wanted.

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