Sunday, January 6, 2013

love of my life


Little Odin,

I adore my little boy more than I ever knew I could. The funny thing is, when I think my heart is too full to love you anymore- I do. My heart is exploding with love for you and it can sometimes be overwhelming. I want to be with you always and I want to watch you grow. Every day it seems you've learned something new. Today you were mimicking your Aunt Kim and shouting "Go! Go!" You're starting to crawl (although you whimper the entire time) to reach the things you want and it's been hard for me to stop running to bring you everything you'd like. It's amazing to see you grow though, and I'm realizing that I need to let you find yourself even if you are only eight months old. You are growing much too fast already, and I'm afraid it's just the beginning. I love you, my little cherub.

Love, your mama

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