Saturday, February 9, 2013

Post-bath Nursling


We've had a rough couple of days since your papa left for his internship. I know you're afraid I might leave too. At first this was really very frustrating, but after realizing this was the issue- I want nothing more than to embrace you. I want to wrap myself around you fully in order to make you feel content. I wish I could make you feel the way you did in my womb. Do you remember those months? You're already so big and every day is a day further from those moments. I want you to remember the security you felt. I want to embrace you for as long as you'll let me so the days where you felt so secure do not grow too far away. I miss your papa and feel as though I'm handling this nowhere near as well as you, but I'm glad I have you. I can see him in you and it makes me complete. I can feel his bones in you and I want to squeeze you tighter. We'll both rejoice when Z returns from New Mexico, but until then it's just me and you and I am enjoying it.

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