Monday, July 1, 2013

more weekend moments

It was a rainy foggy weekend on Nantucket, which is where her name "the Grey Lady" derives. The fog often makes a visit to our little island but this past weekend was particularly gloomy and dark. We braved the weather for a trip to the farmer's market and visited Kaity of Fare Isle. We got to try this delicious little treat from her booth, it was heavenly. She also had the most delicious black tea! (Kaity, what was in the tea again? I want to make some!)

We spent our Sunday making bread and doing a fair amount of relaxing although I think we both wished we had been a little more productive. Zak's working on a new cutting board to help with our limited counter space in our small kitchen. We ventured out for a short bit to visit the opposite side of the island, Sankaty Head Lighthouse. When we used to live in Sconset, we were very close to this lighthouse and could actually see it's rhythmically beating light flash against the trees outside our bedroom window. It has always been one of my favorite places to reflect on island and it was nice spend some time there on such a quiet day.

And this is what our night last night looked like:


  1. Odin is so precious and those pictures are breathtaking! <3 Also, he is already so talented like his parents! ;)

    1. He plays a lot of instruments lately! He knows the difference between the kazoo and the harmonica and breathes accordingly. I swear he's going to be a musician! haha.