Sunday, August 25, 2013

growth spurts

I hate growth spurts. This past week, Odin has been an absolute mess, wanting to be held constantly and whining at my ankles when he isn't. If I try to hand him off to someone else, he immediately cries and shouts "ma maaaa," in a way that makes me feel ridiculously guilty. I'm tired. I thought he may be sick at first but today, both Zak and I noticed him being obviously bigger. I remember the first growth spurt and how I woke up one morning looking down at my sleeping week or two old laying beside me and realizing that he had grown in the night. They grow so much during that first year. He's still hitting milestones and growth spurts and other things that change his behavior temporarily, but nowhere near as often as during that first year. 

These were some of the few peaceful moments this week, I'm thankful for little Paloma who always seems to be very good at distracting him, even if only for a very short while. He's recently started mimicking us to a T and paying more attention to the things he does. He's always been the destroyer of block towers and this week, he finally started helping me build them! I love little milestones like these. <3

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  1. Sorry about the hard week mama. Amazing how much growing their little bodies do and how it seems like "bam" they're bigger overnight! LOVE Odin in his cape, cutest tiny superhero ever.