Monday, September 16, 2013

field time and playing with the big kids

It's so strange for me to see Odin run around the field wildly and play alongside his young aunties, keeping up with them the entire time.   I can't believe he's grown so quickly (and is continuing to do so) and that he's quickly developing his own personality. Toddlerhood has been quite the ride already and no one ever warned me that raising a toddler was not for the faint-hearted. The emotional ups and downs are already reaching extreme on some days and I know it'll only grow more challenging. Sometimes, I feel as if I fall under the category of faint-hearted. I try very hard to maintain my calm and react to a wooden block being thrown at my head or stepping on a pile of squished blueberries in a gentle way. Some days it is much much harder than others, but generally I feel I do well. 

With the challenges comes even more love. Like my friend Angelica from Thunderclouds of Love said-  if I stare at him for too long, it's like staring into the sun, I'll go blind by how perfect he is. Every little thing he does makes my heart skip a beat. The way he whispers "wooww" when he sees something beautiful. The way he looks up at me and flashes me the biggest smile paired with a loud giggle. The way he kisses his baby doll, blue kitty, and stuffed bunny. The way he wraps his arms around my neck when he just needs a quick cuddle. The way he squeals with excitement when he sees our cat and the way he drops down on his hands and knees to give her a kiss. He's so gentle and kind hearted. More times than I can count throughout the day, I find myself in awe of how beautiful he is. With the trials of parenthood comes the most profound love. Nothing has ever compared and I'm so fortunate to have had Odin choose me as his mumma.


  1. i feel like he just started could he be so big already? ADORABLE.

  2. Toddler years are TIRING sometimes aren't they? But sooo rewarding to. Nothing better than when you're having a "less than patient" day and a little person just grabs you and snuggles or gives a smooshy kiss. He looks like a such a little kid now, not so baby-faced. Gorgeous, gorgeous boy.