Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oneonta to Brooklyn

Our first stop as we left our little island was Oneonta, New York. After a long drive we stayed the night in a beautiful hotel, which Odin was overly pleased with (he hates the car). Our purpose for staying in Oneonta was to look at this beautiful piece of land. The land has a stream, two ponds, some natural springs, and a beautiful 150 year old barn. We've been looking for a plot of Earth to call our own and a space to start our own orchard and build a house. We really fell in love with the land, but we have lots to think about as it is a little pricey. Zak will be starting a permaculture blog in a few weeks, and there he'll tell you more about our search and our journey. 

Ian was staying in Brooklyn, so our next stop was to Bushwick to visit with them for a night. Odin loves being surrounded by new people and had the time of his life (staying up until after midnight and giggling with everyone).


  1. Your pictures are making me miss the mountains even I am officially homesick.

  2. No more Nantucket? Oh, don't do it!

    1. If we could afford a plot of land on Nantucket, then without a doubt, we'd stay. :(