Monday, October 15, 2012

disco bebe

I'm so glad he seems to be feeling better today, last week was difficult. I'm going to blame the fussiness on a growth spurt since he did just bud those two darling teeth and has just learned to sit up. This morning was splendid though, lots of giggles and playing! He laughs so hard when I dance around the room. I bet he can't wait until he can join me and dance around on his own two feet (for now, he'll just have to join me in my arms). 

I love everything about this child. I always thought he'd be a little bit of me and a little bit of Z but he's his own darling Odin self. It's amazing to watch him develop his own personality- he even has a favorite toy, a favorite place to sit (on his mama), and other little likes and dislikes. Sometimes, I even let him pick out his own outfits by showing him his choices and assuming a giggle or squeal is a yes!

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