Sunday, November 11, 2012

Florida vacation part 3

It's nice to sleep in the room I lived in when I was little every time we visit my mum. 


  1. Naww I feel the same when I go to my parents. I was born at home in my parents bedroom and sometimes I like to just go and sit in the exact place I was born and think about all that has passed since then.

    1. It's funny how sometimes I'll swear I hear a song I used to listen to when I was little on my tape player. It's nice how memories make sounds and smells and feelings stay trapped in specific places! I won't remember specific memories until I go back to the places where they were made and then they flood my mind!

    2. It's amazing isn't it? I live quite close to my parents and visit often which I think sometimes I take for granted. It isn't until I take those moments to soak it in that all the sounds and smells and wonderful memories come flooding back. x