Monday, November 12, 2012

Florida vacation part 4

It always works out in this certain inconvenient way. Arriving at my mum's house past midnight was hard on Odin and it took a few fussy days to fully adjust to being in this new but slightly familiar environment. My sisters are both so good with babies though and that definitely helped Odin adjust. Both his aunties work at pre-schools and his Aunt Jamie has his cousin. It's so nice to have my mum and my sisters around to help. I feel like I was only there to nurse baby boy, the minute he was full and rested he jumped into my mum's or my sister's arms. As soon as Odin became fully adjusted and was happy most of the day, I was packing to head back home. 

I was so sad that my Nana was in Mexico during my visit. We skyped so that Odin could talk to his Nana T, but I miss her and can't wait to see her in December.

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