Monday, November 12, 2012

Florida vacation part 5

My little 6 month old is so eager to move. He loves being held up so he can attempt to walk. He ends up just dancing around in place because he gets so excited. He loved having his Nana there to play with him and these photos show it! 

I'm so excited that Odin doesn't hate the carseat anymore. For the first four or so months, my little man would scream his way through any and all car rides. Now I can look back and see his sleepy little toes moving every so often and hear his soft murmurs as he plays with a toy and drifts off to sleep. It makes driving so much less stressful! We took a long car ride to visit a friend of my Nana's and brought Odin's cousin Kira who was so tired when we picked her up from school. She told us after Odin had fallen asleep, "I'm goin' to seep too," and immediately after those words left her mouth she was equally out!

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