Friday, December 28, 2012


It was nice to be back in Florida with my family for Christmas. This year was another awesome year and Christmas morning is always one of my favorites. I made Odin an awesome cloth book and make my little niece Kira a coloring book. We bought a giftcard for Jamie and gave her a baby-free night coupon. We also managed to find a lens for Kimberly's camera (which was her favorite gift, from her darling boyfriend). Zak got his (amazing) straight razor from Classic Shaving and he surprised me with a new lens for my camera. My mama and sisters also bought me some polaroid 300 film and a scanner which I am so grateful for, It's exactly what I needed. My mama loved all of her gifts and we spent the rest of the day playing together and watching movies.

Odin's cloth book took me days to make, but I'm really happy with the outcome! Here's a page by page:

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  1. I love the cloth book you made! Really really love! I need a sewing machine, what kind do you use?