Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nana T for Christmas Eve

Every year we get together at my Nana's house for Christmas Eve. It's probably my favorite part about Christmas and it was one of the main reasons we planned to come down. Zak promised my Nana that he would be back for the holidays again this year and she held us to that promise (every time we skyped!). She bought him a little sailor outfit when he was a few months younger and since he's so big, he fit into it pretty early on. To surprise her, we had him wear it to our holiday get together. (And oh, did he look precious in it.)

My Nana's house has always been a place I loved. We lived there for a year or so when I was very young. I remember her pouring me a bowl of Rice Krispies every morning and slicing a banana to put on top. I remember sitting at her dining room table and reading the back of the cereal box while playing with the toy that we found inside. I have a million fond memories from my Nana's. It was my favorite place as a child and I really hope Odin loves it as much as I always have. She lives on a lake and we've always fed the ducks that swim around there. Zak even found some avocados in one of the trees in my Nana's back yard.

I unfortunately forgot my ring sling, so I had to improvise and used one of my Nana's handmade Mexican shawls, which worked nicely. I've also included a family photo of the entire fam!

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