Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From Hershey to Mills River

We left fairly early from Pennsylvania to head to Mills River, North Carolina. We have a friend there that we've been excited to visit for months! We tried to keep our breaks down to a minimum and took a long walk at a rest stop on the way. Tasha gave us a big boy car seat which made Odin's ride much more comfortable, so we didn't have to stop as much. We arrived in the evening (of course, I'm still terribly ill at this point) and were happy to be there. The three of us snuggled up in bed and were quick to pass out!  

The next morning we went to breakfast at the local Waffle House. We don't have chain restaurants or stores on our island so it's nice to visit a place where everything's a little more convenient (sometimes! I do miss our island already!). 

After a couple nights, we headed out again. We decided to drive overnight this time to make the drive a little more direct. Odin ended up sleeping through a majority of the drive which made everything much easier! Of course, Zak ended up sick (as soon as I began to feel better too...), so I ended up driving most of that final stretch. We were happy to make it to Florida early the next morning.

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