Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Visiting Tasha

Our first stop on our adventure was to visit our friend Tasha in Attleboro. Tasha has three precious boys, Ezra being her youngest. Ezra was born on the exact same day as Odin- only a few hours apart! Tasha is owner of the small tie-dye company, Listen to a Pebble. You should definitely check it out. Odin has some of her bits and they're so well done, We love them! We're both babywearing and cloth diapering fans and its been so nice to have someone to talk to about said topics.

Odin's always excited to meet new babies (sometimes, a little too excited). This time was no different. Lots of squeals and playing until he had had enough and decided to cry for his nap. 

We stayed the night, which we were so thankful for. I ended up growing increasingly more sick as we left our little island home (awful timing!) and so did little Odin. He developed a pretty bad cough all of a sudden and we spent quite awhile in the steaming bathroom to help him through it. By the following day Odin was feeling much better and I was feeling a bit better myself.

Odin and Ezra got along fairly well, overall. I won't sugarcoat it though, a lot of the time the two looked like this:

An over-zealous Odin and a gentle, sweet Ezra led to some interesting interactions. The day together was fun though and we captured some pretty precious moments before Odin took one last nap. Immediately after, we set off on the road.

A very sick mama slept in the backseat while a strong papa drove for hours! We stopped when necessary for diaper changes, nursing, and to play. By the time we made it to Hershey, Pennsylvania we were all ready for a decent night's sleep, so we bought a hotel room. 

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