Saturday, February 23, 2013

my boy

My dearest toddler-bodied boy,

It's amazing to me how quickly you're growing. I almost can't stand it. I almost don't believe it (but I have to as I spend every one of my moments with you). Your limbs are growing longer and your hair is starting to fill out. Soon you'll be walking all on your own without the need for my fingers to hold onto. It's hard to fully experience you. I'm trying to take every bit of every moment in, but there's so much going on inside you. I watch the way you watch the things around you. It's amazing how much more you understand each day! You try new things constantly and sometimes without even realizing it. Today, you found a fairy wand on top of the table. With one hand you held yourself up and with the other you carefully examined the rhinestoned ribbon wand. You yearned to fully experience it and without realizing it, you let go of your support and grabbed onto the wand with both hands. I was amazed to see you stand there on your own without any help! You very soon wobbled and reminded yourself that you were unstable and you groped for the table once more. One day you won't need that support. I'll miss the baby that was born from me but I'll also embrace the excitement ahead when it does happen!

I love you always. xo

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