Friday, April 12, 2013

Time Inside

Our second week in our new home. It's been quiet and a little lonely. Paloma was sick and couldn't come for a few days and then Odin was sick and we were pretty home bound. I haven't been able to find the time to make it out to the Sconset house to collect the rest of our things but this weekend will be our last opportunity to do so. Moving into a place is so much more fun than moving away, don't you think? Nesting and decorating is something I have a lot more interest in and I feel most people do. In our new place, I have my own art studio space rather than a shared space. I'm pretty excited! 

I am forever grateful for both of Odin's young Aunties. Grace and Marin are always eager to come over and help out with Odin. I've even been able to shower regularly since moving, which as most mamas know- isn't easy. Life is still in transition but I'm starting to settle. It'll be strange not to see our friends every day, it already is. I think we'll definitely live communally again one day, hopefully when a few more of our friends start to have babies! I'd love to live with another small family one day.

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