Friday, April 12, 2013

Odin loves his papa

As Odin was getting sick, we knew something was a little off. I made a quick little sheet fort over our bed and Odin seemed pretty thrilled, and after a fussy day it was a total relief to see him smile. In the morning as Papa leaves for work, I grab Odin and we run to the front door and he'll wave and smack the windows of the french doors. Papa will do it back from the outside and Odin will smile and giggle and shriek. As Papa walks away, there's a moment's hesitation and in that moment I need to distract little man quickly. If I don't distract him quickly enough, he sometimes starts to cry at his Papa's disappearance. Seeing him come home in the evening makes him ridiculously happy too. I really think (as a friend of mine pointed out to me) that Odin started making his cheesy grin face because of the face his Papa makes when they're playing with each other (top photo).

As a mama, nothing makes me happier than watching the two loves of my life interact. The way they smile at each other makes my heart skip two beats and seeing Odin in his Papa's arms (especially while babywearing) makes me absolutely melt. Some of my favorite moments have been sitting in the grass on the edge of our garden as Zak wears Odin on his chest while he weeds and waters the garden. Babywearing papas are supremely attractive and watching my own wear ours is so dreamy! (haha)

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