Monday, June 3, 2013

dancey pants daycare

I feel like I'm pretty good at being a hands-on mum. I try and take Odin to lots of places and have ample amounts of music and outside time throughout our day. Now that he's a year old and a little more (not much, but a little more) focused we can actually do small projects like finger paint and play with edible textural things. There are still some days that I want to stay in bed all day and try and nurse Odin all day to make him take really long naps and stay asleep with me, but on weekdays, that's impossible! I had to go back to "work" this summer (darn student loans) but I wasn't ready to leave Odin with someone else. He still nurses quite a bit, so I took on some babies and have started a mini "Dancey Pants Daycare." I used to work at a preschool while I was in high school so this was totally up my alley. 

I love being able to work on projects and having other babes in the house really motivates me to get out of bed! Odin really prefers it that way too, I think, so we're happy all around. I'm very lucky because both my babies take their naps at the exact same time everyday (so far, so good).

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