Monday, June 3, 2013

Goodbye May.

Our little studio apartment is slowly turning into our home. I've never been much of a cook but with Spring comes new beginnings and this Spring I decided to cook more, read more, learn more, and love more. I've been cooking one new entree a week as well as starting to bake our weekly bread from scratch (and trying to get creative with the loaves!). Last week Zak baked some veggies which I had never done before but they were delicious. I also made some peanut sauce as my "new recipe" of the week. It was a classic sweet Thai peanut sauce and it was delicious and lasted us days. Odin loved it and it even encouraged him to start using utensils! We made a regular white loaf as well as a Fig/Flax seed loaf with a local honey coating on top. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. (Notice Zak posed the buns like that in hopes of producing more buns, ha!).

The days are getting warmer. All of our windows are open and we sleep with nothing on. I love summer. I loves days like these. It's still spring so our warm days our laced with foggy, rainy days which I also love. Life is much too perfect right now. I want to remember these smells and tastes well so I plan to bask in Spring's glow until it fades away completely.