Friday, August 16, 2013

dancey pants daycare [the ridiculous bedhead edition]

I love my morning time with Odin. We wake up together and snack on fruits and eggs until Paloma arrives. Odin is usually quite entertaining and is very silly first thing in the morning. At one point every morning, he cuddles up in the sling and nurses while I tidy up before Paloma arrives. On the days that we stay home we spend inside time making art and music and dancing wildly. These two have developed an adorable friendship (complete with hugs and kisses) and really enjoy each other's company. I love that Odin has a little friend to play with throughout the week and that we are able to go on lots of adventures every day. Our front courtyard is filled with so many things to explore. There's a huge variety of plant life, including their all time favorite- the raspberry patch. There are also many wagons and toys and a water table, which they love. 

They both nap at the same time every day which has been AMAZING. It's nice to have a little lull or two throughout the day to get things done or to prepare for them when they wake again. 

So, even on the days we decide to stay home, we still have tons of fun exploring and adventuring and learning. 

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  1. These are some mighty adorable pictures! Odin has beautiful eyes. =)