Friday, October 25, 2013

Collective Shenanigan: a collaboration between Odin and his mama

I recently saw the most fantastic post from an artist mama who collaborated with her child. Odin and I have been drawing together in my sketchbook, because it's really the only time I'm able to get any drawing done. When he's napping or asleep at night I've been so preoccupied with drawing for work that if I don't invite him to help in my sketchbook, I don't get to draw for myself. I've decided to (inspired by that amazing post) to start a series of collaborations between Odin and I. Every few months, I'll post a little update of our work as long as he continues to want to help (and then after that, I guess I'll just post my own sketchbook updates). 

I love sitting him in my lap and pulling out a few markers and pens at a time and drawing away with whatever is available. He's quite the toddler, so often times I get halfway through my first line before he wants to draw with what I'm using. This makes it a challenge, but an interesting challenge at least. This also helps me to draw more freely. Much like the mandalas I love to make from found bits of nature, it teaches me about attachment. The values that Odin is learning from these collaborations are worth so much more than a perfect page.


  1. Are you kidding me? These are amazing! I love this so much, already you are teaching him what value his own little pieces of art have and this is going to be an incredible treasure for you both to look back on. Love love love.

  2. I am so glad you are doing this! I saw that post a few months ago (before Rue was born) & have planned to do this as well! I have to wait a while, though! Haha. Cannot wait to see your collaborations evolve!