Friday, November 1, 2013

Florida Vacation, Vol. I: Legoland

I've just arrived back home from an amazing two weeks visiting with my family in Florida! I almost didn't want to come back ;). I took way too many photos while there, so I'll be posting little (I won't tell you how many exactly, it's a wee bit embarassing) at a time over the next week or so. My first weekend there, we ventured to Legoland with the kiddos and they were absolutely smitten. It's a smaller scale amusement park, so it's nowhere near as stressful as a place like Disney. Odin had the best time and his sweet cousin Kira was equally thrilled. We even managed to stay through nap time thanks to our beloved Tula and my gorgeous little sister who was so giddy to have Odin nap on her. The Florida version of Legoland had the best water park with the coolest water playgrounds, wading pool, and a lazy river which you build on your raft as you float around this portion of the park. 

I always love visiting home but this particularly time was exceptionally awesome. We did fun things every day, even if it was a simple walk to a nearby park. The heat wasn't brutal like it usually is when I visit and it was all over a really amazing time. I am happy to be home with my man, but I miss my family terribly. 

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  1. Legoland looks amazing! We'll have to go next time. I know there's one in Toronto that does adult nights!!