Saturday, November 2, 2013

Florida Vacation, Vol. II: ZooBoo and Nana's House

Odin was the most excellent little traveller both ways of the trip. We have to ferry, bus, and fly to get to where we want to go which makes a whopping twelve hours of travel. Both ways, my little man was excellent to my surprise. Our first night in Florida, we went to the local zoo for an event. I'm not a fan of zoos, they always make me sad but because the family was going we tagged along. The animals were all asleep for the night so the attention was more on the children. There were haunted houses and loads of games for Halloween. There was a stingray tank where the littles were free to pet the stingrays. I think Odin enjoyed his cousin Kira's company more than any of it, honestly. We didn't bring a costume along but seeing as how just before we left, Odin found and drew on his face with a washable marker, we just went with it and made him a little indian. Luckily my sister had a stockpile of found feathers which we used.

The following day we went to one of my favorite places, my Nana's house. There's a beautiful lake in her backyard and I just love all of her trees! Our get togethers there are always so full of joy and laughter. Everyone speaks spanish (I'm a quarter Mexican!) and is loud and friendly. No matter what or who is there, we always enjoy every minute.

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