Thursday, February 6, 2014

Art Lately

Lately, I've been so busy creating (and potty training) that there's no time for anything else. I love it! The list of art commissions that I have to do is insane, really. I feel bad for everyone on the waitlist, but I'm trying really hard to power through them, especially while I have Zak home for the winter. This month is really my only opportunity to get a large amount of work done as I don't have help with Odin again until the summer. Zak's little sister will be watching him for me thirty or so hours a week so that I can get a lot of work done. I'm planning on doing more commissions as well as making things for local shops and for my own web store. I hope to have a fully stocked store fairly constantly. I'm going to be making more dolls for those of you that were interested and have tons of ideas for them. I'm also planning on making some baby and kid's clothes with my illustrations on them (including some babywearing ones!) which I just thought of earlier this week and am ridiculously excited about. I would also really like to begin work on my children's book and have very high hopes of getting that moving along by next year.

A good friend is going to help me design a real website soon with my own shop and everything! Everything is getting very exciting but there's so much work to be done, so please bear with me through it!

For those who have been asking about babywearing portraits, when I decided to stay home and make art and not babysit this year I opened myself up for commissions and promised everyone a spot on the wait list. Here we are a month later and I still have about forty people to get through! So, after this large wait list has been done, I'm going to be posting on my Facebook page that I am open for commissions (I can alternate between that and Instagram if you don't have FB unless I can figure out a way to do it through the blog). I haven't decided how many I will take on, but it will probably be around 5-10 at a time. When those are finished, I'll repeat the process. I will post all of the information when I post about accepting the commissions as far as price and size. I am open for other commissions as well and will be taking those on throughout the time I'm working on other things, so if you have a particular inquiry you can always email me!


  1. I really love your babywearing portraits. I think i wrote a comment awhile back on your "babywearing portraits" post asking if you do Ergo Soft Carriers. my email is if you get a space available on your waitlist.

  2. I love to see your babywearing portraits especially... all of your art is intriguing and beautiful, but there is something about the bw portraits that just grabs at my heart.

  3. Can I put a baby wearing order in for 9 mo tine? My bff is 8 weeks pregnant & I will buy her a sling for new arrival, take some pics & send to you?

  4. I found your site from a babywearing group on Facebook and am totally blown away by the beauty of these portraits! I love them. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Facebook and instagram :-)