Wednesday, October 17, 2012

little odin,

Little Odin,
I look at you every day and wonder how I got so lucky. Out of all the mommies in the whole wide world, you picked me. You're so curious, happy, excitable, and always wanting to be in the action. You love being the center of attention and I love that about you. You're happiest in my arms, just so you can see exactly what I'm up to and if possible, help me with whatever it is. You love to smile now and you're slowly gaining more and more independence. It's gradual but I can see it change. You'll play on your own now, only for a few moments, but you will. I can stand away from you and watch you explore with those chubby little fingers I constantly try to nom. You carefully pick toys up and bring them to your mouth to taste-test. Sitting up on your own, desperate to crawl. You're much too excited to cuddle me now, which is why I cherish the moments in which you become my little nursling. I love those moments, I get to embrace your little body and try and wrap myself around you. As much as I want you to be my little forever, It's all too exciting to watch you grow. Your papa said that every time he looks at you, you seem a little bigger. I agree with him.
I love you more than I've ever imagined I could love anything at all.
You're much too precious and I'm so glad you're mine.
Love, your mama

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