Thursday, October 18, 2012


Little man is almost 6 months. Other than the few occasional taste tests these past few weeks, this little love of mine has grown from 10 pounds at birth to 20 pounds solely on mama milk. I'm excited about starting solids, but at the same time realize that this is the start of something more- Odin's independence. I plan to nurse as long as we both want and I really hope it lasts awhile. Nursing Odin has been such an amazing adventure so far and I couldn't imagine it any other way. We've never had issues with nursing. Twenty minutes after O was born, he was nursing efficiently for about 45 minutes. He's always been a pro. I remember the first time he looked up at me and smiled while nursing, my heart completely MELTED! He's so eager to learn and he's entering into that phase where he's easily distracted while nursing, wanting to know what's going on in the room we're in- popping off and giggling his way back after scoping out the scene. 
Nursing allows us a moment's peace during the bustle of the day. Now that he's sitting up on his own and growing more and more eager every day to explore, it gives us a chance to cuddle for a few moments every few hours. I love our breastfeeding relationship and am glad I've made this choice as a mother.