Saturday, December 8, 2012

home-made wrap and ginseng seeds

I had a friend bring over 5 yards of fabric from off island and I cut it down to a 25 inch width and TA-DA! A wrap! Nowhere near as nice as the woven wraps I've had my eye on, but I really wanted to play around with wrapping Odin before I even thought about investing in one. I'm not sure I loved the Moby wrap when he was younger. It was always really intimidating and I only used it for the first 2 months (he was soon too big). I've been loving the woven wraps that Rose from Carry Them wears and it's really inspired me to try it out. I really like the way the wrap feels and every time I throw Odin on my back, he starts to giggle and seems to really enjoy being on my back!

Zak found an avocado growing out of our compost so he re-planted it (and was mighty excited about doing so). We also planted some Ginseng seeds which we're very excited about! Babywearing totally makes multi-tasking a breeeeze!

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