Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nana T's

Odin hasn't quite been himself the last few weeks. We've dealt with a variety of illnesses since our vacation started and now it's at it's end (I hope)- Odin has pink eye, in both eyes. I don't remember ever having it but my mom says I did when I was much younger. I feel so bad for his swollen little eyes, but it's nothing a little breastmilk can't fix. As suggested by many of my mama friends on facebook, we've been trying out a drop in each eye and after one day he already seems much better. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow and I'll officially be able to say that our little family is starting our vacation.

We made a day trip to my Nana's house. As I've mentioned in a previous post, my Nana's house is one of my favorite places. Little man rocked his new Slugs & Snails tights (I'm so obsessed!). Odin loves the back yard and so do I. I'm hoping we'll make one last visit before we head out on the road again and that we'll be able to row around on the lake with little Odin. We just had a mini family gathering today and Kira ran around and sang her ABC's while everyone played with baby O. I loved seeing my Nana with him. My Nana has always been one of my favorite people and I'm so glad Odin knows her. I'm not sure where I was while she held him by the window but I'm extremely thankful Zak captured the moment! We ended the afternoon with an attempt to harvest some avocados from my Nana's tall avocado tree.

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