Saturday, February 23, 2013

365 hiatus

I'm a little bummed that I've been away from the blog for the past week or so. Being a single mom is so difficult! I have grown some major respect for those parenting all alone. Zak's still away at his internship and it's tearing me apart. Odin's definitely feeling the effects of his papa's distance and demands that I stay within sight at all times. It's proved difficult when it comes to any sort of mom time (blogging, making art, peeing, etc.) I'm still so sad about Z not being here and it's been three weeks! Odin is slowly adjusting but I'm still an emotional wreck when Z doesn't call or text. It's awful how addicted to him I am! 

Because of this stress, I'm stopping the 365 project. I've decided to start again when Odin turns the big "one," so that I can properly document his second year of life outside the womb. Zak and I want to print our books encompassing each year of Odin's life and it makes more sense to start when he begins his second year!

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