Monday, March 11, 2013

Glidden for selectman

Our good friend Tobias is running for selectman on Nantucket. He really wants to represent the group on Nantucket who want to maintain sustainability. I'm thankful he chose to avoid awful plastic campaign signs and instead recruited his talented friends to help him make wooden signs instead. Every sign is hand cut, painted, lettered, and nailed to stakes by someone in this lovely group of people. We decided to make a dinner event to entice our friends to come paint signs with us. I spent the day hand lettering most of the signs to be painted in later. I had other plans, but was easily swept away with this project. We had a delicious stir fry and Odin thoroughly enjoyed all of the company. I'm excited to see such a young face in office and I really hope he's elected. I really think he can bring something new and innovative to the table, which is always much needed.

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