Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Papa's arrival

I was much too excited to snap a photo like I had envisioned, but this blurry over-exposed shot will have to do. We waited sneakily beside the staircase that Z would come down from. We had asked many airport employees to narrow down our choices until we found the right place to wait. Odin was in very good spirits which made me happy. When he came down from the staircase, our friend Alden walked up to Z and walked along beside him until he was noticed. They were both definitely on the same plane and Z quickly noticed him and surprise! 
Odin and I rushed up behind him and he was beyond thrilled. Odin looked up at his papa after not seeing him for a month and gave him the biggest gap tooth grin I'd ever seen. He proceeded to giggle pretty consistently for the next 20 minutes or so. It was probably the most precious moment of my life. (I, myself, was beyond giddy.)

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