Monday, April 15, 2013

garden beginnings

We were walking home from Yaya's today when Zak came home from work. He wanted to work on the garden before it got too late so we joined him for a little while to keep him company and to help out (we only helped a little though). Auntie Marin came to entertain Odin while I documented the garden. I want to record the progression of the garden this year, because I'm really excited about the possibilities. We have a much larger space and like I've said before- I thoroughly enjoy living and gardening communally, but imagine all the veggies we'll be able to save this winter! Our garden's huge and it's just our little family of three! I tried my hand at canning some vegetables last fall and it was so nice to have our own canned tomatoes to last us through the winter. I'm sure we'll have surplus veggies that we'll definitely offer to our friends and family. I'm already really excited about our beehive set-up in the far corner as well as our herb spiral. I think we'll have a fun and productive summer this year and I can't wait.

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