Monday, April 29, 2013

good night, gooba

Good night my little man. You are officially a year old today and I simply cannot believe it. This past year has been an amazing experience for your Papa and I. We've both grown so much because of you. I am so lucky to have spent this past year nestled in your arms just as much as you've been nestled in mine. I've been fortunate enough to spend almost every moment of your first year with you (I've only been away from you for a few hours all year), and I've enjoyed watching you grow. My ten pound home birthed baby is steadily growing more independent and wild, but even on your first birthday you look up and smile as I throw the sling over my shoulder. You nuzzle my neck with your cheek while I wear you and you're still just as eager to nurse as you were when you were only twenty minutes old. I've treasured this time and cannot wait to see what the future brings. 

Thank you for being my son. There is nothing in the world that can show how much I love you. It radiates into the sky and down into the earth and back again. You are more perfect that anything I've ever imagined.

Happy first birthday my little man,
love from your mama.

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