Sunday, April 14, 2013

moving away

Moving out of a house has never been so difficult. I actually used to really love moving away and before I fell in love on an island, I'd fairly often pack up and go whenever the urge struck. Now, the furthest I can move is about 14 miles away to the opposite side of the island, which really isn't much. This time though.. I've been excited to move for months. When we started to move our things out I was a little sad about not living with our friends any more. When our room was completely empty and our friends started to move their things out too, I caught myself thinking a lot about the day Odin was born. The air's the same as when we moved in, that fresh spring air. Spring air and Fall air have such a specific smell and taste, they both really stand out to me. We moved in exactly one year ago tomorrow. I was eight and a half months pregnant. Our lease at our place before still had a few months before it ended, but we sort of realized it'd be easier to move while I was really pregnant rather than with a newborn. Last year's spring was really warm and I remember the windows being open the entire time we moved in. This year's a little colder but the air still has the same weight to it. The day Odin was born, we had all the windows in the bedroom open.

 A couple days ago, as I sat alone with Odin in the empty bedroom that he was born in, it really hit me. I started to cry. Odin seemed to completely understand. He crawled over to the exact spot that he had been born in, sat right down, turned, and flashed me a cheeky smile. It was like he knew how much this room meant. He's always been a home-body which I entirely blame on the fact that he was born there. I'm sad to leave such a beautiful house but I am excited to move onto new things. Odin will feel at home wherever his mama and papa take him as long as we fill his life with love, I hope. He's already seemed to have adjusted well to our new place. As much as I wish I could physically take this room with me,  the bedroom in my memory will have to do.