Thursday, April 25, 2013

notes on blogging

Blogging is such a funny world. I started blogging because I was a huge fan of Georgia's photography and ability to capture moments on camera every single day. When I started all I had was my not-so-great quality phone camera, now I have a Nikon D5100 that Zak bought me for my birthday. It's probably my most used birthday gift! I started blogging because I wanted to have a place to reflect on Odin's growth in addition to my growth as a mother. I feel as though I had a rough time adjusting to the absolute change in my life and I think blogging helped me become a better parent. I love honest blogs. I love mothers that aren't afraid to talk about the bad days too, but I understand why a lot of them don't. I really believe that the image you portray of yourself reflects on who you are and who you want to be. I feel as though I sugar-coat a lot of situations on here. Sometimes I haven't slept in days because of a fussy baby but I'll show you a sleeping baby snuggled up next to a kitten and talk about how much I love them.. I do this because it makes me feel good. It reminds me of the beautiful things in my life that I sometimes forget to be grateful for. I'm trying to put the positive parenting energy vibes out into the universe and I really think blogging is helpful in making it happen! I feel like a much happier parent when I can publicly remind myself about all of the things that I'm grateful for. 

For 2013, my new year's resolution was to smile more. I don't think I've been working as hard as I possibly could on it, but I'm writing this to serve as a reminder. There's this awesome link that I've bookmarked and constantly refer to about things happy people do differently, all so subtle but making a huge difference. I want to be grateful. I want to be peaceful and happy and loving. I want to smile and embrace life and meet new people and go on adventures (even if the adventure happens in our own backyard).

I see a lot of design posts on IG, blogs, and Pinterest. I really do love those white walls with simple design. They're beautiful even though they are totally not for us. Zak and I are extremely eccentric (I believe) and there's no way we could handle so much empty space. We like memories- photos, trinkets, stones, handmade gifts, books (lots of books), art, small drawers filled with tiny treasures, antique furniture, plants... I think we both have many little treasures and we both like to keep our eyes busy. I love anything bohemian and can't wait to buy some fabric to drape around our king size bed covered in patchwork quilts and tons of pillows. Zak is a gardener and landscaper and we both embrace the earth and it's dust (I sweep multiple times a day). And you know what? I love that about us. As much as I adore modern design, I'm much too eclectic to use it.


  1. This spoke to me! Thank you Michelle for your honesty. You have a beautiful way of capturing what most of feel. Thank you for blogging! :)

  2. So true! I love that clean look, but we never can make it work for us. We have so many knick knacks & we love color & mismatched patterned things... we could never really keep that modern clean slate look in our home. Especially once the cats move in with us & the baby arrives!

  3. Great post Michelle... I think the moments of beauty and warmth are just as honest as the ones when the days (and nights) are rough and us Mama's are tearing our hair out... I too prefer to concentrate on the grace and the gratitude... My camera has become my constant companion too, it's one of the few creative pursuits that I have managed to maintain (and even expand upon) with a little one - many others have fallen by the wayside for the moment, but photography is getting its moment in the sun! As for the 'clean look' way overrated... as are super clean houses... especially when there's a garden to dig, a beach to play on, friends to visit... hehe : )

    1. Ah, I needed this! I went to school for illustration and it's hard to maintain that form of expression with a wee one. Photography, like you said, is my current form of creative outlet. Sometimes this makes me sad but I'll have my opportunity to dive back in sooner than I'll be ready, I'm sure.